The Principal of the Matter

Meredith Knight is just your run of the mill class mom, trying to keep up in the hyper-competitive world of cookie baking and crafts. She’s not sure she has time for much more until someone comes along and murders the school principal. Suddenly, she’s sucked into a world of intrigue and alibis, murder and mayhem, crime and…cookies? Unsure who to trust, Meredith feels that her only recourse is to insert herself right in the middle of the investigation. Luckily, she and the detective in charge of the case go way back. That doesn’t stop him from zeroing in on Meredith’s best friend Katherine as a potential suspect. Can she help unravel the mystery and clear Katherine’s name before innocent people get hurt in the fallout?

Work Yourself to Death

Meredith Knight is back, but she’s staying away from school functions (at least for now). Instead, she’s decided to re-join the working world. Armed with a stellar pair of shoes, she feels confident and ready. Until she stumbles across another body. Why does this keep happening?
Should she should dive in to solving another crime, or let her big brother Ben handle this one on his own. Either way, she’s going to need a lot of support. The big question is, where will she find it?

Beaches Get Stuff Done

After all she’s been through in the past few months, Meredith Knight is taking a break. Leaving the kids, classroom, and chaos behind, she hits the beach with a couple of girlfriends. Ready for sunshine, saltwater, and sand, she’s not prepared with another beach goer turns up missing. Will the missing woman turn up, dazed and happy from a wild vacation, or will it turn out that something sinister is afoot. As ever, she just can’t seem to keep her curiosity in check, even without big brother Ben there to egg her on. The local law enforcement may not want her poking her nose in, but like sand in a bathing suit, once it’s there, you can’t get it out.

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